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What It Means To Be A Snowflake Premier Partner

Immuta and Snowflake

Whether your organization has 50 people or 50,000, one common denominator remains: Data analytics is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a need-to-have. But what value are your analytics, data science, or BI initiatives providing if you’re unable to fully leverage all your data — including the most sensitive?  

When Immuta and Snowflake formed a strategic partnership in 2020, our combined solution was designed to help customers take advantage of ALL their data. Immuta’s native integration with Snowflake helps data engineering and DataOps teams seamlessly manage and scale data access governance in Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Now, less than a year later, we’re proud to be named a Snowflake Premier Partner

This designation is given to Snowflake technology partners with a strong reference architecture that adds value for joint customers, which range from Global 2000 companies to data-driven innovators like The Center for New Data. Immuta’s native Snowflake integration allows The Center to simplify secure data sharing while maximizing the privacy and utility of data stored in Snowflake’s Data Cloud. The result? Faster, real-time analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic to inform public health policies and guidelines. 

“The ability for us to manage access controls, deploy privacy enhancing technologies, and rapidly implement novel frameworks of governance for our research teams has been a breath of fresh air.”

– Ryan Naughton, Founder and Co-Executive Director, The Center for New Data


Our partnership with Snowflake is part of Immuta’s larger focus on helping customers maximize the value of their analytics data through cloud data platforms and technologies. According to our data engineering survey, 75% of data teams plan to be “primarily” or “entirely” cloud-based within the next two years. But as companies move more of their data to the cloud, they require automated data security and access controls to fully democratize data access and empower more data consumers to extract strategic value from data.

Our native integration with Snowflake gives DataOps teams the power to move more of their data — even the most sensitive — into Snowflake’s Data Cloud, whether it’s for BI, analytics, or data science initiatives. With Immuta, data engineers can automatically detect sensitive data in Snowflake, create and implement fine-grained access control policies, and provide an active data catalog of data sources. Additionally, applying Immuta’s dynamic data masking tools at query time helps avoid the need for manually copying, moving, or masking sensitive information, all at scale. 


As a Snowflake Premier Partner, Immuta increases DataOps teams’ impact with capabilities including:

“As we add more components in a cloud data environment, the combination of Immuta and Snowflake is much cleaner than any sort of on-prem situation we’ve had before,” said Ryan Naughton, Founder and Co-Executive Director of The Center for New Data. “The ability for us to manage access controls, deploy privacy enhancing technologies, and rapidly implement novel frameworks of governance for our research teams has been a breath of fresh air, with no management or overhead costs for adding additional cloud solutions.” 

To see how to scale role management in Snowflake using Immuta, check out this demo:

Are you a Snowflake user interested in seeing how Immuta can help unlock the full value of your sensitive analytics data? Chat with us today to find out more.


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