The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Data Access Control in Snowflake

Ultimate Guide to Cloud Data Access Control in Snowflake

With Snowflake and Immuta, data teams are able to harness the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud with the flexibility, scalability, and transparency of Immuta’s automated data access controls. Organizations leveraging Immuta’s native integration with Snowflake have saved more than $1M in data engineering costs, while ensuring their data remains secure and compliant.

This bundle includes:

  • How The Center for New Data Revolutionized Research on Sensitive Data with Immuta – A case study that explores how one organization leveraged Snowflake and Immuta to guide real-time public health decisions about COVID-19.
  • How to Manage Snowflake Fine-Grained Access Control – A how-to blog that gives step-by-step guidance on solving a top customer use case and reveals the Immuta data’s team three-pronged approach to managing Snowflake fine-grained access controls.
  • Snowflake & Immuta Team Up to Provide an Industry-Leading Data Governance Solution – A guide to how Immuta expands upon Snowflake’s Data Governance capabilities with features like attribute-based access control and policy-as-code.