Immuta Data Engineering Survey: 2021 Impact Report

We’re on the verge of a perfect storm for modern data access governance. As organizations lean into data and the cloud, new research shows that the majority will adopt multiple cloud compute technologies within the next two years.

Data teams need a modern framework, architecture, and suite of tools to make their cloud data platforms work together efficiently and securely.

According to Immuta’s market research survey, the Immuta Data Engineering Survey: 2021 Impact Report, most enterprise data teams indicate their future data platforms will be entirely or primarily cloud-based, with more than half planning to adopt two or more cloud technologies within the next 24 months. Three-quarters of respondents also report that sensitive data is important to analysis.

In this multi-cloud future where sensitive data is powering analytics and data science, the need for a central platform to manage data governance, data access control, and data policy enforcement and auditing has become an emerging market need across an array of industries.

This report highlights the current and future state of data engineering and DataOps, including analysis on:

  • The adoption rate of cloud data platforms and what it means for the future of data use
  • The most challenging aspects of the cloud data management process
  • Handling sensitive data in an increasingly regulated environment
  • What organizations and data teams need to remain competitive in our evolving data ecosystem

Read the full findings and implications for organizations adopting a multi-cloud strategy in the Immuta Data Engineering Survey: 2021 Impact Report report.