Immuta’s $90M in Series D Funding & Our Vision for Cloud Data Access Control

When we founded Immuta in 2015, the data landscape barely resembled what it is today. Then, organizations were focused on big data management and few were primarily cloud-based. Hiring for data scientists and analysts skyrocketed as leaders realized the value of data-driven insights, and DevOps was becoming a popular paradigm.

Now, nearly all companies rely on cloud data platforms to power data engineering and analytics teams, new cloud services are entering the market at record speed, and DataOps is emerging as a parallel function to DevOps. While data volumes are growing, data engineering and operations teams are also constantly generating hundreds and even thousands of data products as a result of the rapidly growing number of users, platforms, and data sources — as they continuously build and scale cloud analytics. All of this data must be protected.

Here’s the challenge: With too many data sources and data products, it is too cumbersome for data teams to create and manage access control policies to effectively secure the data. Existing tools and manual processes can’t keep up, and as a result, organizations have massive amounts of data but are unable to use or share it  — or they share it anyway, introducing substantial risk. The inability to control real-time data access in a manageable, scalable way causes data to lose its value, at great cost to the organization.

We created Immuta to solve this challenge. 

By providing data access control over all of an organization’s data, Immuta enables data users to access data faster than ever before, share it with more people, and automatically manage compliance regulations like COPPA, HIPAA, and GDPR at scale. This translates to improved decision-making and gives organizations a substantial competitive edge.

We firmly believe that Immuta has the best data access control technology, and it works on any cloud and with any data platform, at scale. As we grow, our goal is for our platform to address the needs of DataOps and become an essential component of the modern data stack that data teams cannot live without.

We’re constantly improving our product and expanding our partnerships, and today I’m excited to announce that we have released two new native integrations, with Amazon Redshift and Azure Synapse.

Additionally, I’m proud to share that we have secured $90 million dollars in our Series D funding to further innovation, expand to new customers around the world, and deepen our partner relationships.

Native Integrations with Amazon Redshift & Azure Synapse

Since Immuta’s inception, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our product integrates seamlessly into any organization’s tech stack. With more than half of data teams adopting multiple cloud data platforms, universal flexibility and simplicity is critical, regardless of how complex a company’s data architecture may be. By building strategic partnerships with best-of-breed cloud data technology providers, Immuta enables data teams to consistently and efficiently enforce data access control policies across their entire cloud ecosystem.

With today’s addition of Amazon Redshift and Azure Synapse, Immuta now offers native integrations with the top cloud providers, including DatabricksStarburstSnowflake, and Google BigQuery. This is key because as organizations increasingly embrace lakehouse architectures, which combine the best elements of a data lake and a data warehouse, the ability to centralize data access control across these technologies through Immuta will allow data teams to reduce complexity, cost, time, and risk, while increasing performance and data-driven results.

In this release, we have also enhanced integrations with Databricks SQL Analytics, Redshift Spectrum, Azure Synapse, and Starburst Trino (formerly PrestoSQL). These capabilities will allow data teams to:

  • Consistently apply access and privacy controls that work across diverse workloads
  • Enforce fine-grained access control at the column-, row-, and cell-level, without having to write custom code or manage views
  • Reduce the number of roles by 200x and scale user adoption by simplifying role management
  • Unlock more data science and data warehousing use cases that rely on sensitive data

To find out more about what this release means for your data initiatives, read the full story here.

Investing in the Future of Cloud Data Access Control

Our $90 million Series D funding comes less than a year after Immuta’s Series C investment, and brings our total capital raised to $169 million. We are humbled and heartened that our investors, including new investors Greenspring AssociatesMarch CapitalNGP Capital, and Wipro Ventures, share our vision for enabling legal and ethical data operations through universal cloud data access control.

Organizations around the world also see cloud data access control as a necessity to accomplishing data-driven objectives. In our last fiscal year alone, Immuta grew bookings by more than 115%, and our customers now include four of the world’s top eight investment banks, five of the leading insurance providers, one of the world’s largest healthcare and life science companies, major US government agencies, two of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, and dozens of innovative software and technology companies.

This new funding will allow us to run on any cloud, including SaaS and Managed Service; natively integrate into all data clouds; and invest in research and development to ensure a simple, fast, and seamless governance experience for any data engineer at any company of any size. We want every organization, regardless of tech stack or data needs, to be able to unlock the full value of their data — even the most sensitive data.

You can learn more about our Series D funding here, and if you’re interested in connecting with one of our team members, request a demo today.

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