Snowflake Data Access Control

Immuta provides Snowflake customers with advanced security, access control, auditing, and privacy management. Data-driven organizations that have moved to Snowflake can now add Immuta to store, analyze, and share even the most sensitive data sets with ease.

Automated Access Control and Data Security

Scale policy management by automating security and privacy controls in sensitive data environments.

Plain English Policies

Easily prove to critical stakeholders, such as Legal or Compliance, that an organization’s policies are implemented properly.

Policy Auditing and Versioning

Track all policy changes, version control, and user query history, allowing Snowflake data teams to easily prove compliant data use and investigate incidents.

“For any analysis on sensitive data [in Snowflake], we must protect the privacy of individuals by ensuring the data is appropriately anonymized. Immuta provides an intuitive interface to author complex anonymization policies with robust anonymization techniques such as dynamic k-anonymization, which enables the balancing of data utility vs. risk with minimal system complexity.”

Darren Fung


Automated access control and data security

Traditional role-based access controls are inherently manual, code-intensive and complex to configure. They also introduce data-leak risks and make data sharing difficult to scale. Rather than reactively building policies for every scenario, Immuta consumes dynamic user attributes — such as geography, clearance level, time and date — making access control proactive and automated, reducing policy authoring by 75x, and minimizing time to data. For the average Snowflake user, Immuta is invisible.

Plain English policies

Native Snowflake SQL controls require developer expertise to both codify policies and continually map constantly changing roles. Immuta’s explainable policy builder lets users author policies in plain English, using dynamic user attributes, so all security and governance stakeholders can understand how data access control is managed and protected.

Policy auditing and versioning

Immuta automatically monitors and logs all actions in your data platform to prove compliant data use and make it easier to investigate incidents. In addition, the ability to represent access control policy as code means that Software Development Life Cycle practices can be applied to policy change management, automating DataOps continuous delivery workflows. Immuta policies can be evolved as editable templates, which can be modified to apply controls across multiple Snowflake accounts.


Immuta’s Automated Data Access Control platform provides Snowflake customers with the confidence they require to share and analyze even the most sensitive data workloads. Working in the background as a governance layer, Immuta automatically protects and anonymizes sensitive data natively within Snowflake workspaces.


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