Webinar: Join Immuta, HP, & NightDragon to learn why managing access is critical for the future of data use.

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Walkthrough Demo

Just how easy is it to discover and secure sensitive data in Immuta? See for yourself.

With our click-through demo,
you’ll get to experience step-by-step how to:

1. Connect data sources

Automatically tag and classify sensitive data from data sources.

2. Build & validate policies

Use Immuta’s policy builder to create and activate a policy in plain language to mask personally identifiable data (PII).

3. Enforce data policies

Build and enforce data policies using attribute- and purpose-based access controls to ensure data is only used by the right people for the right purposes.

4. Monitor & easily audit

Automatically log data access, making it easy to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

Have 29 minutes?

Let us show you how Immuta can transform the way you govern and share your sensitive data.