Sensitive Data Discovery

Immuta’s sensitive data discovery reduces risk from tedious, manual processes by automatically classifying and tagging direct, indirect and sensitive identifiers for efficient human inspection.

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Automatically Detect Sensitive Data

Immuta’s sensitive data detection feature automates the discovery and classification of sensitive attributes across your data platform, helping to save time and eliminate risk from manual errors. After registering data sources with Immuta, data teams can automatically classify and tag direct, indirect and sensitive identifiers.

Flexible Tagging for all Rules & Regs

Once sensitive data has been identified, it must be tagged to enable efficient and compliant access control policies. Immuta makes it easy to automate tagging of sensitive fields (such as PII or PHI) as well as create your own tags for company-specific data. You can also map tags to data privacy protection laws such as CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR and COPPA to ensure compliance with these regulations without creating separate data copies or views.

Certification Workflow

Compliance and governance teams often need to certify that sensitive data has been identified and tagged. Immuta brings data engineering and compliance teams together through certification workflows that enable human inspection of automated discovery and tagging. Data engineers can capture official approvals that tagged and labeled fields are sufficient to ensure compliance with internal and external rules and regulations.

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