Differential Privacy 101

  • Joe Regensburger
    Dr. Joe Regensburger VP, Research

In the current climate of increasingly severe data breaches,  striking the privacy-utility balance is a central challenge for organizations handling sensitive data.  Among the multitudes of privacy enhancing technologies available, differential privacy provides robust, quantifiable privacy guarantees  for protecting data. 

Join Dr. Joseph Regensburger, VP of Research at Immuta, in taking a closer look at differential privacy and how you can leverage this privacy enhancing technology with Immuta’s Automated Data Governance Platform.  

In this webinar, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of differential privacy
  • Discover how you can enable differential privacy protections within the Immuta automated data governance platform 
  • Learn about relevant differential privacy use cases that you can bring to your organization 
  • Participate in a live Q & A session with Dr. Joseph Regensburger