Active Data Catalog

Immuta’s active data catalog is built on a strong security foundation with always-on governance and access control. Now you can provision democratized, self-service user access to any data – even the most sensitive – while eliminating cumbersome approval workflows.

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Streamlined Data Request Workflows

Immuta’s active data catalog brings data operations and data consumers together, removing traditional barriers to data access and shrinking time to data from weeks or months to seconds. Self-service workflows enable data consumers to request access to data sources, acknowledge approved usage purposes, request access control changes, and propose new data collaboration projects.

Secure Data Collaboration

Immuta’s data catalog features an integrated project management toolset, which lets data consumers initiate new data projects and work together in safe collaboration zones. Immuta’s patented approach using projects automatically equalizes access rights for all members, who can safely publish derived datasets back to the catalog. Immuta automatically applies appropriate policies to all published data to ensure continued protection.

Operationalize Existing Catalogs

While Immuta often serves as the default catalog for data scientists and advanced analytics teams, many customers want to leverage investments in existing discovery and cataloging tools. With its extensible policy builder, Immuta can integrate with and federate external metadata from other data classification and catalog tools to improve search and exploration and create richer policies based on existing ontologies or schemas.

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