Architecture & Integrations

Immuta integrates seamlessly into your architecture — no matter how complex — to allow consistent and scalable policy enforcement either on prem or in the cloud, with legacy or cloud-native platforms and tools.

Immuta UI / Web Services

Data owners and legal professionals can expose data, author and monitor data policies, as well as build reports. Data users can discover and subscribe to data, work in projects, and manage derivative data sources.

All actions within Immuta are backed by a fully restful API. The platform web services can also be used as a stand alone Policy Decision Point.

Immuta Query Engine / Virtual File System

The Immuta Query Engine provides SQL access to registered data sources within Immuta. The query engine also acts as the enforcement point for policies.

The virtual file system gives you file-based access to semi-structured or unstructured files. The file system also acts as an enforcement point for policies.

Immuta Hadoop Plugin

Immuta supports native enforcement of policies authored in both HDFS and SparkSQL. Immuta is a Databricks and Cloudera partner.

Blob Storage

Data can be exposed and policies can be enforced through both the Immuta virtual S3 and SparkSQL if serving HDFS. You can also create custom blob sources through the Immuta API.

Databases: Cloud

Immuta supports any relational database to expose data and enforce policies.

Databases: On-Premises

Immuta supports any relational database to expose data and enforce policies.

Audit Systems

Immuta captures consistently formatted audit logs of all activities within the platform. This includes data entitlements, changes to policies, user management actions, policy changes, SQL statements executed on the data, and more. These logs can be integrated and exported to audit systems.

Identity Management

Leverage your existing identity management system within Immuta for both authentication and authorizations. User groups and attributes can be added to and enhanced through Immuta as well.

Business Intelligence & Analytical Tools / Programming

Any tool that can read from SQL, SparkSQL, Filesystem, or HDFS can use Immuta – which in practice means every analytical tool on earth. Any language can read from these same industry standard access patterns without change as well.