Compliant Collaboration

Enable teamwork without risking compliance.

Data analytics rarely occur in a vacuum. Analysts work together sharing scripts, dashboards, and models as they attempt to extract value from their organization’s most critical business asset: data. However, most controls protect only the raw data, and fail to consider the security implications of data at use.

Immuta projects are controlled workspaces that allow people to work together without accessing any data they shouldn’t. Combined with Immuta’s masking techniques, data fingerprinting, and policy inheritance, data users can collaborate securely even in the most stringent environments.

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Immuta Projects

Immuta projects are virtual walled gardens for teamwork, protected through a variety of policy enforcement options. When users work under a project, they can share data outputs, models, and dashboards freely and without worry.

Permission Equalization

Collaboration can be difficult and risky when users have different data permissions. With Immuta, you can equalize the permissions of everyone in a project with a click of a button, saving weeks or months of data cleansing time.

Masking Techniques

Add re-identification techniques such as Format Preserving Encryption and Reversible Masking that re-identify data during collaboration and sharing events.

Data Fingerprints

Take fingerprints — or snapshots — of your data over time to understand how policies on data sources have impacted your downstream data, analytics, and dashboards.

Policy Inheritance

Immuta has a powerful and patented technique for policy inheritance that allows analysts to re-expose their data transformations back into Immuta with the right policies automatically inherited.

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“Immuta provides a well-controlled workflow for de-anonymized investigation that fully conforms with health industry data-privacy guidelines.”