Auditing & Reporting

With Immuta’s automated policy enforcement, auditing data usage is easier than ever. Now you can gather real-time insights with detailed reports showing what data was accessed, by whom, when and for what purpose.

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Scalable Global Policies

Data engineering and administration teams are often burdened by having to recreate policies as datasets evolve. Immuta enables you to author policies that reference metadata catalogs or business glossaries instead of physical tables and columns, so you can create a policy once and enforce and scale it dynamically across all data sources.

Unified Audit Logs

Immuta automatically monitors and logs all actions in your data platform. Now you can track requests and access to data, policy changes, how data is being used, precise queries executed by users and more – all from a centralized policy tier.

Automated Reports

Compliance teams need to know which data consumers accessed specific data sources, or under what purposes certain sensitive data was used. Immuta’s reports and audit logs were designed to quickly answer these questions and provide total transparency between data engineering and compliance teams.

Show Data Changes Over Time

Constantly evolving datasets make it difficult to reference what data looked like at earlier points in time, which could jeopardize data teams’ ability to provide accurate data reporting when necessary. Immuta captures snapshots of your data over time, allowing you to understand differences and how policy changes may affect your projects’ outputs.

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