2023 State of Data Engineering Survey

Amid explosive growth in data users and products, high profile data breaches, and rapidly evolving legislation, data security has never been more top of mind. The problem is, it’s not necessarily well understood.

Immuta’s 2023 State of Data Engineering Survey asked 600 data professionals about their responsibilities, challenges, and outlooks on data security. In the report, you’ll find out:

  • Why, despite more than half of respondents supporting data security initiatives, 90% say they could improve their understanding of the connection between access control and security
  • How a lack of resources threatens to stifle efficient, secure data use within the next two years, with 41% reporting not having enough people to manage or analyze data
  • The quantifiable impact of data access challenges on data engineering productivity, real-time analytics, and missed business opportunities
  • What is causing nearly 40% of data engineers to feel burnt out and considering looking for another job