DBTA Report: Meeting the Growing Challenges of Data Security & Governance

Risks to data are at an all-time high, with the global average data breach now costing organizations $4.45M – a 15% increase in three years. That’s on top of the reputational damage and bottom-line impacts most organizations experience in the wake of a breach. With the explosion of generative AI – and accompanying AI risks – we can only expect these numbers to rise.

Meanwhile, the growing popularity of decentralized data architectures also introduces more complexity into modern data stacks. With data ownereship and use dispersed across users, teams, and platforms, maintaining visibility into data security and governance becomes a significant challenge.

How can organizations mitigate threats without sacrificing efficient data access and use?

In DBTA’s report, Meeting the Growing Challenges of Data Security & Governance, you’ll learn:

  • Today’s major data security threats and the key drivers of complexity in our data-driven world
  • 10 best practices for improving data security and governance in complex data environments
  • How modernizing and automating data access control helps scale data access, maximizing security and utility