How to Avoid the Challenges of Cross-Platform Data Access Governance

Within the next two years, 81% of organizations expect to be “primarily” or “entirely” cloud-based, and more than half plan to adopt two or more cloud data platforms. This shift is not necessarily unexpected — but it is happening faster than industry analysts predicted.

The cloud offers seemingly endless benefits — cost savings, increased productivity, real-time analytics, and decoupled compute and storage, to name a few. So, why should data teams be concerned? Just as organizations that adopted Hadoop for its perceived efficiencies faced unforeseen challenges, those adopting multiple cloud data platforms are likely to encounter obstacles that could jeopardize their data’s security and value.

This white paper dives deep into the future of cloud data ecosystems to uncover:

  • How the rise of data security and cloud data access are forcing data teams to evolve
  • The biggest obstacles facing data teams as they adopt multiple cloud data platforms
  • The limitations of traditional data protection processes and why they can’t scale across cloud platforms
  • How the increasing use and regulation of sensitive data could hinder its value and impact
  • Specific ways data teams can overcome these challenges