Apply advanced data privacy controls to ensure appropriate access to data.

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Accelerate secure data access
Before Immuta
  • Highly specialized skills required to design and apply privacy techniques to data (e.g. software engineering, PhD Math, legal engineering)
  • Lots of data copies needed for restricted data sharing
  • Difficult to explain data access policies
With Immuta
  • Abstract away the complexity of applying privacy techniques to data, without the need for specialized skill sets
  • Eliminate the need for data copies throughout the data sharing process
  • Create easy-to-understand policies
Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Immuta’s advanced privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) dynamically mask and anonymize sensitive data – with detailed policy auditing and workflows – to accelerate internal and external data sharing use cases.

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Apply anonymization techniques at query runtime with masking and k-anonymization, format preserving masking, hashing, regular expression, conditional masking, differential privacy, randomized response — all without writing code or copying data.


Enable data obfuscation at query runtime with hashing, regular expression, rounding, conditional masking, replacing with null or constant, with reversibility, with format preserving masking, as well as external masking — all without writing code or copying data.


Implement pseudonymization techniques to reduce linkability of a data set to prevent identification of an individual — all without writing code or copying data.


Apply minimization controls at query runtime to return a percentage of the data or otherwise restrict access using prebuilt privacy controls — all without writing code or copying data.

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Scan, classify, and tag sensitive data for security purposes.

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Write and enforce data access control and privacy policies.

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Continuously monitor data usage and analyze risk for compliance.

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