Why Immuta is one of CRN’s Coolest Data Management Vendors

We are thrilled to announce Immuta’s recognition as one of the coolest data management and integration software companies on CRN’s Big Data 100 list, an annual ranking of the most important big data technology vendors. Our team is honored to be singled out for our product innovation, record annual growth in 2020, and rising market share within the DataOps market. 

While data-driven insights are necessary for success in modern business, data is only a valuable business asset if effectively managed, governed, and protected. Today, as organizations race to collect data, while continuing to store it across multiple on-premises and cloud systems, managing data governance, access, and protection is harder than ever before. To help simplify these processes, data engineering and operations teams are adopting automated tools that help streamline governance, access control, and privacy processes.

Immuta helps data engineering and operations teams overcome data access governance challenges by safely and dynamically unlocking data access across cloud services to accelerate data-driven business outcomes — while maintaining strong security, privacy protection, and auditability. Immuta’s data access controls work for any data, on any cloud service, and using any compute technology.

We help customers easily navigate through challenging data access governance scenarios with core capabilities like: auto-detection of sensitive data; standard tagging of data across multiple cloud data platforms; dynamic, attribute-based access control; dynamic policies enforced at query time; and advanced privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs). With these product features, customers report a 40% increase in data engineering productivity and four times more permitted use cases after adopting Immuta. 

The increasing recognition and importance of data governance and the substantial growth of the big data market led to record demand for Immuta’s data access governance capabilities in 2020. In one year, we more than doubled our customer base to include three top U.S. banks, two leading U.S. health insurance companies, two preeminent global automotive manufacturers, and several global consumer product and entertainment companies.  

We also continued to strengthen our partner ecosystem and launched new product capabilities and native integrations for customers leveraging best-of-breed cloud data platforms. We built integrations with top cloud data platforms like Databricks, Snowflake, Starburst, and Okta. We bolstered these integrations – with features like lifestyle management workflow and SCIM and enhanced privacy and collaboration – to help customers unlock new data science opportunities and outcomes, simplify regulatory compliance, and further enhance security and privacy controls.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with leading cloud data platform providers, several of which were also included in CRN’s 2021 Big Data 100 list. Congratulations to Databricks, Starburst Data, Alation, and Tableau for their well deserved recognitions as top technology vendors! 

Immuta’s inclusion in CRN’s Big Data 100 joins other recent recognitions on lists, such as Forbes Magazine’s Top American Start-Up Employer, Credit Suisse’s Disruptive Technology Award Winner, and Cybercrime Magazine’s Hot 150 Cybersecurity Company.    

If you’re looking for the latest in data access control and integration, request a live product demo to learn more about Immuta’s fine-grained data access and automated data access governance capabilities.