RADAR, LLC Pings Immuta for Enhanced Access and Control of Internal Data Used for Business Analysis

Immuta, the leading provider of enterprise data management solutions for artificial intelligence (AI), today announced a new customer relationship with RADAR, LLC, whose patented incident response management and breach decision-support platform is the first and only to automate the multi-factor risk assessment.   With Immuta’s data management platform, RADAR can now author and enforce complex data access and control policies, grant access to anonymized aggregated incident benchmarking metadata for internal business analysis, and audit all data activities quickly from a centralized interface.

Fortune 100 companies and organizations subject to data privacy regulations in industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare and beyond rely on RADAR for an efficient and consistent process for incident response. Its platform automates the multi-factor risk assessment required for compliance with global data breach notification regulations, such as GDPR, and provides the most advanced method to reduce risk and improve consistency and efficiency of incident response management processes.

RADAR chose the Immuta platform because of its unique functionality in enforcing data access based on role, permissions, and policies. The Immuta platform applies purpose-based restrictions available natively through its data management platform to dynamically enforce access and policy restrictions based on business requirements, in real time. With Immuta, RADAR can now document the entirety of its business data in order to understand, identify, and analyze trends to produce industry benchmarks valuable to the organization and its customers. RADAR’s metadata resides in a secure VPC on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AWS’s Relational Database Service (RDS), an environment in which Immuta was easily deployed.

“Prior to Immuta, we lacked a comprehensive way to quickly grant access to anonymized aggregated incident metadata. Now, with Immuta, we can simultaneously apply sophisticated access and policy enforcement—securely and on the fly—without having to write a single line of code, while maintaining a detailed audit trail that ensures we’re compliant with our regulatory and contractual obligations. Immuta has helped us quickly eliminate the incredibly inefficient and costly process of accessing the anonymized and aggregated metadata used to run our business, in a secure and compliant manner.”

– Andrew Migliore, VP of Engineering & Security Officer, RADAR

“It’s essential for RADAR to be able to monitor, control, and track internal data access throughout the course of its business processes, and also be able to quickly report across the company on the effectiveness of the program. The Immuta platform is considered a mission critical application for RADAR because it gives them a fast, centralized way to audit and track data policies—which ultimately ensures its valuable corporate data remains private.”

– Steve Touw, Co-founder & CTO, Immuta



In today’s world of increasingly complex and changing privacy regulations, cyber attacks, and data breaches, leading organizations trust RADAR®, a patented SaaS-based incident response management platform that simplifies and streamlines compliance with global data breach laws. The RADAR Breach Guidance Engine™ leads users through an intuitive workflow that profiles and scores data privacy and security incidents and generates incident-specific notification guidelines to help ensure compliance with data breach laws as well as contractual notification obligations. Fortune 100 companies and other organizations from heavily regulated industries in finance, healthcare, insurance, and beyond rely on RADAR for an efficient and consistent process for incident response. Learn more at radarfirst.com.