Immuta Delivers Automated Data Governance as a Managed Service via AWS Marketplace

Immuta Managed Cloud Allows Amazon Web Services Customers to Automatically Enforce Privacy and Regulatory Controls on Data in Under an Hour

Immuta today announced that its Automated Data Governance Platform is now available as a managed service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, providing choice and flexibility for customers operating on AWS environments to leverage data in a legal and ethical manner. The Immuta Managed Cloud makes it simple for those responsible for governing their organization’s sensitive information to try, buy, deploy, and manage the Immuta Automated Data Governance Platform as part of their best-of-breed data management architecture.

The Immuta Automated Data Governance Platform creates trust across security, legal, compliance, and business teams so they can work together to ensure timely access to critical business data with minimal risks. Its automated, scalable, no-code approach makes it easy for users across an organization to access the data they need on-demand, while protecting privacy and enforcing regulatory policies on all data.

According to Gartner, “By 2023, 75% of all databases will be on a cloud platform, reducing the database management system vendor landscape and increasing complexity for data governance and integration.” Today’s announcement reinforces Immuta’s commitment to provide customers with a platform that can protect their corporate and customer data no matter where the data is stored.

Organizations can purchase, deploy, assign privacy policies, and start protecting sensitive data in under an hour, all while eliminating the need for IT involvement. Additional benefits include:

  • Performance Management: Eliminates the need for IT to oversee query capacity scaling and other issues.
  • Proactive Support: Log monitoring allows for Immuta Customer Success staff to proactively address any issues.
  • Upgrade Management: Users are directly notified when the latest version of the Immuta platform becomes available and the managed service pushes updates, which eliminates the need for IT involvement.

The Immuta Managed Cloud portfolio includes two inaugural offerings via AWS Marketplace: 

  • Immuta Professional – Available at No Cost for Four Users or Less: An organization can acquire the Immuta Automated Data Governance Platform the same way it does its cloud infrastructure. Immuta Professional is available as a monthly subscription, or at no cost for four users or less, which gives organizations of all sizes the opportunity to realize the benefits of secure and governed data in the cloud.
  • Immuta Enterprise: Available by the end of July 2019, Immuta Enterprise is designed for organizations that wish to deploy Immuta across multiple regions or locations, and that may require the highest levels of Immuta Customer Support.

Rob Lancaster, General Manager, Cloud Business Unit, Immuta

“As businesses of all sizes embrace AWS, we want to provide them with the tools necessary to consistently enforce data privacy policies no matter where their data resides. As organizations continue to move critical workloads to the cloud, we’ll be there to make sure that policy and privacy are enforced to ensure compliance with today’s data regulations.”

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