2024 Immuta Trendbook Provides Expert Insights into the Evolving Data Security Landscape

Global tech leaders share their perspectives on the future of data security in latest trendbook

BOSTON, January 23, 2024 – Immuta®, a data security leader, today announced the release of its 2024 Data Security Trendbook, an annual compilation of insights and predictions about data security from global technology leaders. This year’s trendbook includes insights from experts and industry leaders at companies including Snowflake, Hakkoda, VMware, SanjMo, Cummins, NTT Data, Seattle Data Guy, phData, and AstrumU. 

From artificial intelligence (AI) to distributed architectures and resource reprioritization, experts in the trendbook forecast a year of increased data use, the adoption of AI, and the reassignment of resources to support those trends: 

  • Expansion of distributed data architectures – Nearly a quarter of data professionals say that their organization is prioritizing data architecture modernization in 2024. This includes adopting concepts like data mesh due its promise to provide secure, self-service, scalable data use on top of a distributed architecture. Experts predict that the industry will see changing data governance, management and security demands, large cultural shifts within organizations, enhanced data democratization, and more. 
  • Adoption of AI In less than one year, generative AI went from buzzword to business-driving technology, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, research shows that 88% of data leaders believe that employees at their organizations are already using AI, whether or not it has been officially adopted by leadership. With the rapid development and adoption of AI continuing into 2024, experts predict that new forms of AI control systems and different approaches to LLM development will emerge, new laws and regulations will be introduced to address privacy and data security concerns, and AI data governance will continue to evolve. 
  • The reassignment of resources – Data and governance teams recognize the need for sustainable, data-driven success in a changing world, and many companies are reassigning resources to meet that need. Experts predict that more data teams will prioritize platform consolidation, data-centric architectures, data governance and compliance, data security and privacy enhancements, and advanced analytics in 2024. 

“In 2022, organizations focused on automating and innovating their tech stacks, and streamlining accessibility and security for their growing cloud data ecosystems. In 2023, we saw even more emphasis on both democratizing and securing data access as organizations quickly realized just how big the impact of AI would be in the near future,” said Matthew Carroll, Immuta CEO. “As the pace of change quickens in 2024, it’s critical that data and security teams consider how to secure data for all of the varied use cases – whether it’s AI or traditional BI and analytics.”

Read the full trendbook and get all the latest insights here.

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