2023 Immuta Trendbook Provides Expert Insights into the Future of Secure Data Use

Global tech leaders share their perspectives on the future state of data security in latest trendbook


BOSTON, February 14, 2023 – Immuta, a data security leader, today announced the release of its 2023 Data Access & Security Trendbook, an annual compilation of global technology leaders’ insights and predictions on the future of secure data use for data-driven organizations. This year’s trendbook includes insights from experts and industry leaders at companies including JP Morgan Chase, Snowflake, Databricks, NightDragon, Cuscal Payments, Unison Software, Bloor Research, illimity Bank, BOK Financial, Swedbank, Advana, Cogstate, and Cummins. 


The insights in the trendbook indicate that as industries continue to realize the potential of their data resources, a variety of factors are impacting the success of data initiatives, including: 

  • Evolving roles and responsibilities – Data resources, platforms, and practices are evolving, as are the teams that interact with and oversee them. Data use has become more widespread overall, largely decentralizing data ownership and often leaving responsibilities ambiguous. To account for this, experts predict shifts such as CISOs becoming  the enablers of the modern data stack and Chief Data Officers leading fully dedicated data teams at mature organizations. 
  • Escalating data rules and regulations – More than 150 countries around the world have enacted data privacy laws to regulate the use of data resources. These regulations – along with industry and organization-specific data use rules – are proliferating at a rapid pace, introducing an abundance of additional requirements that organizations need to be aware of when collecting, storing, and using data – otherwise, they risk monetary, legal, and reputational consequences. Contributors believe data sharing and collaboration across borders will become increasingly complicated for global organizations, and that there will be a growing  demand for strong tagging of the data sets at the entry point. 
  • The democratization and decentralization of data resources – Modern organizations have realized how the power of data can drive insights across their businesses, from operations to IT, marketing, HR, and more. As data becomes increasingly democratized and decentralized as a result, organizations must learn how to balance getting it to the people who need it, without putting sensitive information at risk. Experts highlight the importance of everyone at an organization buying into a culture of data-driven business decisions.
  • More unified and streamlined data platforms – As data platforms, tools, and technologies continue to evolve, most organizations are realizing that less is more when it comes to building their data stacks. While businesses work to pare down and streamline their data stacks in the pursuit of simplicity and security, they must do so without impacting data’s utility. Industry leaders reinforce this, noting that organizations’ data access controls should be more based on metadata, and less linked to specific platforms.


“At this point, it’s no secret that data is pivotal to business success across most industries,” said Matthew Carroll, Immuta CEO. “Despite this, there is no standard approach to achieving data success, especially as factors such as redefined responsibilities, expanded regulations, enhanced data accessibility, and streamlined security grow increasingly influential. It’s key that we hear from our data-driven peers about what they are seeing and experiencing from their data initiatives firsthand, so that we can all work better together to ensure the secure, accessible use of data in the future.”


Read the full trendbook and get all the latest insights here.


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