Immuta Releases Guidelines for Privacy, Data Protection by Design

mmuta Experts Lay Foundation for Creating Workflows and Maintaining Compliance with Strict Mandates on Data. 

Immuta, the automated data governance company, today released two important whitepapers that provide the beginnings of a framework for operationalizing both Privacy by Design (PbD) and its EU version Data Protection by Design (DPbD). These whitepapers collectively illustrate how technical and compliance roles should closely collaborate to produce effective compliance strategies within organizations.

PbD and DPbD stipulate that fair information practices should be embedded as early as possible into the design of information technology systems to protect the rights of data subjects. Immuta’s latest whitepapers unpack PbD and DPbD, explain why they’re central to privacy regulations such as the GDPR, and illustrate how they can be easily operationalized.

This information will be presented in an upcoming webinar taking place Friday, July 26 featuring Immuta’s Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Senior Privacy Counsel and Legal Engineer, and Alfred Rossi, Research Scientist, and hosted by Dave Cohen, Knowledge Manager with IAPP.

Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Senior Privacy Counsel and Legal Engineer, Immuta

“Any serious effort to comply with multiple privacy laws – both existing and future – should start with designing a PbD/DPbD strategy and selecting controls to embed these requirements into processes, products, and services as early as possible. PbD requirements, when viewed correctly, form a common denominator for converging privacy regulations at the global level. Perhaps most importantly, privacy law compliance can also be a competitive differentiator when engaging with potential customers, and a sign of a high level of organizational maturity.”

To download Immuta’s whitepaper “Privacy by Design: The Key to Unlock Your Compliance Strategy,” please visit here.

To download Immuta’s whitepaper “Immuta & Data Protection by Design: Making the GDPR Work for Your Data Analytics Environments,” please visit here.

To register for the webinar “Your Guide to Understanding & Operationalizing the Privacy by Design Framework,” taking place on July 26, please visit here.

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