Structuring and Empowering Data Teams: November 2022’s Key Stories

Choosing the right data security platform is an important piece of the puzzle in regards to effective data security. But even the most cutting-edge data stack would be useless without the right personnel in place to manage and oversee its various platforms, tools, and users.

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By examining how teams are being built and staffed–as well as the skills being prioritized by data-driven companies–it is evident how essential it is to have the right people carry out secure and effective data use. Here is a roundup of data security headlines we followed in November:

The Resignation of Twitter’s Top Privacy Executives

Article: Twitter executives quit amid company turmoil (CNN)

To say there have been personnel changes at Twitter would be an understatement. Amidst the tumult of shifting ownership and leadership following Elon Musk’s purchase of the company, many of the social media giant’s teams are being forced to reckon with the impact of widespread layoffs and resignations. Just last week, the platform’s Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) Damien Kieran, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Lea Kissner, and Head of Integrity and Safety Yoel Roth publicly announced their resignations, leaving these roles vacant.

These departures should significantly impact both the platform’s data privacy and security capabilities. Roles like the CISO and CPO are integral to the protection of sensitive user data from leak or breach, and are often responsible for security measures like data policy management. They are also key to keeping Twitter’s activities in line with critical compliance and regulations measures put in place by bodies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). With a growing role to play in platform security and privacy, the departure of these data leaders throws another wrench into Twitter’s operational capabilities moving forward.

The Growing Demand for Data Expertise

Article: Data Skills Are Mission-Critical: How To Bridge The Skills Gap (Forbes)

Contemporary data holds just as much promise as it does potential issues for data teams. The skills required to manage adapting use cases and resources are, unfortunately, beginning to outpace what many data users are prepared to handle. While this is not the fault of the users, it has widened an already-present skills gap that limits the operationalization of an organization’s data. If left unaddressed, this talent gap is forecasted to lead to significant missed revenue and untapped opportunities across industries.

The silver lining? Recognizing the existence of this gap highlights just how important up-to-date skills and knowledge are for those who work closely with data. Enabling your users with enhanced data literacy and other data-related skills are key to closing the talent gap and optimizing business objectives. Whether through diversified recruiting efforts, competitive employee packages, or upskilling teams with the latest resources, attracting and enabling skillful personnel will be key to data utility both now and in the future.

Federal Data Executives Need More Clarity

Article: Survey: Half of federal chief data officers are unclear about responsibilities (Federal News Network)

The current evolution of data-focused roles is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it allows roles that have existed for years to be reassessed and given the most relevant responsibilities for an organization’s objectives. On the other hand, it leads to increased levels of uncertainty and confusion if not addressed appropriately.

For instance, the role of Chief Data Officer (CDO) was formally mandated for American federal agencies in 2018. In the years since, these CDOs have been required to take on a range of modern data governance, data access, and data security responsibilities. However, an overall lack of consistency and guidance has left many unsure of what their developing role entails. One survey found that only about half (52%) of respondents felt that the responsibilities of their federal CDO role were very or somewhat clear. It’s important that these leaders, often focused on securing and protecting these agencies’ data, are provided with the clarity and support needed to be effective.

Developed Data Skills Enhance Job Satisfaction

Article: Digital Workers Find Higher Pay, Job Satisfaction, Security (Gallup)

It’s no secret that developed data skills contribute to meeting business objectives and greater organizational success. But what do these skills do for the personnel who are expected to learn and apply them towards these goals? The results of a recent joint survey from Gallup and Amazon Web Services (AWS) quantified a range of personal and professional benefits afforded to those who build upon their data skills.

At the highest level, 98% of respondents reported noticing at least one positive career benefit after taking steps to enhance their digital skills. Digging deeper into survey results revealed that 72% of respondents who have advanced digital skills reported high levels of job satisfaction. Other benefits included enhanced job efficiency, better opportunities for promotion, increases in salary, and more. Notably, 42% of those with advanced digital skills credited them to employer-provided enablement. When supplied with these opportunities for learning and growth, the impacts on employees are both professional and personal.

Keeping Up with Key Stories

Focusing on the ever-developing staff and skills of modern data teams, November’s Key Stories demonstrates that the people you choose to work with your data–and the ways in which you enable them–are paramount to any organization’s success.

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