Cloud Migration

Govern sensitive data while moving to the cloud.

Security is the number one concern for enterprises considering migrating to the public cloud. Hybrid cloud solutions can be tricky — with conflicting authorizations, policies, and metadata — and can cause substantial liabilities or limit the use of your mission-critical data.

Immuta provides a framework that ensures consistent data management throughout the cloud migration process. You can connect to your data wherever it lives (in the cloud, on premises, or both), control access and policies in one central place, and audit all data activity to make sure you’re still compliant.

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Connect to your cloud data sources.

Through Immuta, you can easily connect to all of your data sources: local, cloud, or multiple cloud platforms. Immuta is the single access point for all your connected data, ensuring that data is always accessible and policies are always applied.

Control access from one place.

With Immuta, the control of your data lives in one place, regardless of where your data is stored. You can move your data to and from the cloud without impacting policies, and you don’t have to wait for third-party cloud services to update data policies.

Apply location-based policies.

How do you manage locality without breaking sovereignty laws? With Immuta, you can build data policies based on the location of the user, the data, the type of infrastructure, or a combination of these factors.

Check that your policies are working.

All actions in the Immuta control plane are logged in one place, giving you immediate insight into how data is being used. You can set up automated reports on user and machine activities, or push unified logs to your favorite logging or SIEM tool.

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“Migrating IT systems to the cloud can be complex. Immuta simplifies this process and helps protect organizations during their journey to the cloud.”