How Do I Integrate Snowflake Security With My Enterprise Security Strategy?

A Deep-Dive with phData and Immuta

As we continue to rely increasingly on digital solutions, it’s hard to ignore major security breaches in the news by major corporations like Equifax, Facebook, and First American Financial. Stories like these are part of the reason why security concerns always come up when moving your enterprise to a new application or software suite.

Regardless of the headlines, security and access control should always be front of mind. Whether that is controlling what internal and external users can access or restricting access from others, there are many things you have to consider.

Download this white paper to get expert perspectives from phData and Immuta. We cover:

  • Authentication and Authorization in the Snowflake Data Cloud integration
  • Syncing users and user information between your identity provider and Snowflake
  • How Immuta helps simplify the management of data access and security policies in Snowflake