Policy Authoring
& Enforcement

Immuta allows anyone, of any technical skill, to understand, author, and enforce complex security and privacy controls on any data, without having to code.

Intuitive Policy Authoring Without Code

Immuta’s intuitive policy builder lets you author policies in plain English, without code. This means that all security stakeholders — not just system and database admins — can write policies consistently across any data.

Purpose-Based Controls

Limit data use to specific purposes, ensuring that specific datasets are accessed for the right reasons, a key component of regulations like the EU’s GDPR. Combine purpose-based, role-based, and attribute-based controls to enforce who uses what data and why.

Column & Cell Level Masking

Apply a variety of column and cell-level masking techniques to sensitive data. These techniques include format preserving encryption, hashing, generalizing (k-anonymization), and more – all at query time, without copying data.

Row-Level Redaction

Make certain rows appear or disappear based on their content, who’s querying the data, or the purpose they’re acting under.

Differential Privacy

Instantly apply differential privacy to any data source, injecting noise into queries to mathematically protect the privacy of individual records. Combine this with Immuta’s purpose-based controls to meet the most stringent privacy regulations.