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Distributed Stewardship

Empower business and technical stakeholders to manage data access

What is Distributed Stewardship

Distributed stewardship is an approach to data policy management that delegates responsibility to the stakeholders who understand the full business context that informs data access requests.

How Immuta does Distributed Stewardship

Data policies created in plain language

Author and manage data access policies in plain language without requiring specialized engineering resources. Policies can also be managed as code to streamline deployment processes in modern data stacks. With Immuta, customers have reduced policy management burden by 75X.

Distributed management responsibility

Flexible and easy-to-use interfaces enable distributed data policy and access management. Data infrastructure teams oversee the Immuta deployment and empower lines of business stakeholders, who are closest to the business context for data access requests, with self-service policy management. This has allowed Immuta customers to accelerate time to data access by 100X.

Easy for any stakeholder to understand data access

Authoring policies in plan language empowers security and governance stakeholders to understand how data is protected across the modern data stack, without specialized engineering resources.


Accelerate Time to Data

Scale data access management with powerful plain language policies that enable self-service management for business and technical stakeholders who have business context over data access requests.

Increase Data Sharing

Line of business stakeholders can easily control and understand how data is being shared and used based on domain-specific rules. This encourages data sharing across business lines and with third parties, since business or technical stakeholders can manage access.

Remove Engineering Bottlenecks

Distributed ownership of data policy management by those who have business context over data use removes engineering bottleneck and manual work. Engineering resources can instead focus on data product delivery of data products.

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