What is PBAC? (Purpose-Based Access Control)

Enforce access policies based on purposes for data use.

What is PBAC

Purpose-based access control (PBAC) is an approach to data security that permits or restricts data access based on the purpose of data use. PBAC is a specific implementation of an attribute-based access control model (ABAC), where the purpose is an attribute.

How Immuta does
Purpose-Based Access Control

Create a purpose and acknowledgement statement

Define permitted purposes for data use with any required consent language from your legal or compliance teams, which each data consumer will acknowledge prior to accessing.

Author a purpose-based policy in plain language

Author an attribute-based access control policy in plain language, where the attribute is a purpose that dynamically controls access to data.

Data consumers state purpose and get the approved data

Data consumers will state their purpose for data use in Immuta’s UI to automatically gain access to approved data natively from any BI tool, workbench, or notebook.


Easily Prove Compliance

Easily prove compliance with industry regulations, corporate rules, or data sharing agreements that limit data use to specific purposes or intent. Immuta’s purpose-based workflows and monitoring make it simple for any business or technical stakeholders to understand exactly how data is being used.

Safe Data Sharing

Safely share data with other teams or third parties using consent workflows that protect data suppliers from misuse or non-compliance. In case of an investigation, Immuta’s unified logging captures everything about user and policy activities, making it possible to answer any and all questions.

Accelerate Time to Data

Get safe and instant access by streamlining data requests without lengthy, manual approvals of permitted uses in spreadsheets or IT service management systems. Immuta’s streamlined workflows provide self-service access for data consumers, who get instant access to only the data required to satisfy the stated purpose or intent.

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