Immuta Enables a Seamless Data Security Integration with Snowflake & Starburst

We are excited to announce that Immuta’s latest Data Security Platform release is here, enabling seamless data security integration with Snowflake and Starburst (Trino). In this blog, we will discuss our new key product capabilities that enhance native integrations with Snowflake and Starburst, and upgrades of several key features from private to public preview and general availability (GA). These features aid customers in unlocking more value from their cloud data by providing sensitive data discovery, security and access control, and activity monitoring.

The product release highlights include:

  1. Starburst (Trino) Integration (Public Preview) – Simplified policy orchestration on Starburst and Trino is now available in public preview.
  2. Snowflake Schema Monitoring for Table Replacements – Dropping and recreating tables are gracefully handled by preserving policies in Snowflake.
  3. Default Subscription Policy (GA) – The ability for customers to set a default subscription policy, which can be set to None, allows customers to gradually onboard Snowflake data sources at scale without impacting current operations, and is now generally available to all customers.
  4. Snowflake Low Row Access Policy Mode (Public Preview) – A proactive performance impact improvement feature is now available in public preview.

Let’s explore these features in detail.

Starburst (Trino) Integration (Public Preview)

Customers will experience seamless policy orchestration on Starburst and Trino with this update. Instead of being forced through an Immuta Catalog to implement data access controls, end users can now access data sources using their usual workflows, as intended by Starburst.

Snowflake Schema Monitoring for Table Replacements

Snowflake schema monitoring for table replacements will notify Immuta when a client’s tool deletes a table and then recreates it with the same name. By retaining the policies natively in Snowflake, Immuta ensures that neither data downtime nor policy downtime occur.

Default Subscription Policy (Generally Available)

This feature provides customers additional leeway in integrating Snowflake with their existing data infrastructure. Now Snowflake data sources can be gradually onboarded at scale, without impacting current operations. Users accessing particular tables or views will not be disrupted as they add sources to Immuta, run sensitive data discovery, use fingerprinting, or perform other similar functions.

Snowflake Low Row Access Policy Mode (Public Preview)

In tandem with last month’s announcement of Snowflake table grants (GA), this feature proactively improves performance at query time for joint Snowflake and Immuta users by removing Snowflake row access policies that were previously set to simulate table-level security.

Getting Started

By offering our customers the most advanced data security platform, Immuta aids businesses in secure data collaboration and protection. At Immuta, we’re constantly innovating to provide seamless data security integrations with our partners to reduce the complexity of managing data access and governance. New features that support popular cloud data platforms including Snowflake and Starburst enable organizations to streamline and quicken operations while increasing return on investment.

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