Recorded Webinar

Part 2 : How to Design & Implement a GRC Framework for Enterprise Analytics

Richard GeeringVP, Financial Services & Insurance

Richard Geering

VP, Financial Services & Insurance

Working alongside Immuta’s product and sales organization as the company’s GRC expert resource, Richard helps communicate and prioritize the rapidly evolving compliance requirements of financial services organizations. He has 25 years of experience in financial services and risk management, with broad domain knowledge in data analytics. Prior to Immuta, Richard he served as Chief Operational Risk Officer for Investor and Treasury Services at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). He founded and was CEO of Geering Limited, a proprietary futures trading firm which traded fully-automated strategies. Richard has also worked as a European Business Director for Deutsche Bank. He is a graduate of the University of Nottingham.

In today’s data rich world and the risks associated with it, it’s critical for organizations to approach analytics initiatives with an eye on data protection and managing risk. 

To assist firms undertaking data-centric initiatives, Immuta is launching a two part webinar series in which we’ll provide you with a framework for managing data privacy and minimizing risk in enterprise data analytics projects

In part two, Richard Geering, Immuta’s VP of Governance, Risk, and Compliance and former Chief Operational Risk Officer for a Fortune 300 bank, will provide a deep dive into risk management, showing how established risk management techniques can be tailored to meet the idiosyncratic challenges of data analytic projects.

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Hear methods of strengthening data privacy and minimizing data protection risks
  • Learn how to tailor risk management techniques to meet the specific challenges of different data analytic project
  • Participate in a live Q&A with Richard