Leadership Spotlight: How AstrumU Achieves Data Security & Compliance

How does a fast-moving startup deliver tailored insights while protecting personal data and complying with regulatory requirements?

In this Q&A, with Immuta Chief Product Officer Mo Plassnig talks with AstrumU Chief Technology Officer Kaj Pedersen talks about this and his company’s approach to data security and compliance. As an innovative software company that uses AI and ML to deliver personalized recommendations to students, educators, and employers, leveraging sensitive data is key to AstrumU’s success. But it’s not without complexity. The company’s strong commitment to protecting users’ privacy and need to satisfy data compliance regulations like FERPA and standards like SOC 2 means that they need to balance data security with efficient, ethical access and use.

Check out the Q&A to hear more about Kaj’s perspectives on how the data landscape has evolved, how AstrumU is leveling the playing field between learning and working, the implications of generative AI on security and regulations, and more.

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