Starburst Data Access Control

Immuta’s integration with Starburst helps organizations scale cloud data access and analytics using automated data access control. For organizations that work with highly sensitive data – from global banks, to healthcare and life sciences, to government agencies, to tech and consumer brands – Immuta plus Starburst is the modern solution for unlocking more users and data utility.

Attribute-Based Access Control

Scale policies that require row-level security, column-level data masking, and cell-level protection.

Dynamic Privacy
Enhancing Technologies

Apply advanced techniques to automatically protect sensitive data, including public and private combinations, for use.

Data Catalog

Democratize data across the Starburst ecosystem using an active data catalog with always-on security and access control.


Attribute-Based Access Control

Securing analytics data often requires making data copies, manually anonymizing sensitive information and piecing together role-based access to data. Immuta allows you to scale policies and manage dynamic access control using an explainable policy builder. With Immuta’s modern, attribute-based access controls (ABAC), policies are dynamically enforced on queries in Starburst. This protects sensitive data with row-level security, column-level security and data masking, and cell-level data protection, without having to make copies. Now, you can have fine-grained access control over sensitive data while reducing risk from data leaks or non-compliance with organizational policies.


Dynamic Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Complex rules and regulations and rules that apply to the increasing use of sensitive data require complex solutions. Immuta and Starburst provide a dynamic approach to protecting sensitive data using advanced math-based approaches. With dynamic data masking, differential privacy, randomized response, and k-anonymization, data teams can comprehensively protect even the most sensitive data.


Self-Service Data Catalog

A true self-service, unified data catalog that enforces policies in Starburst is a rare find. However, Immuta’s active data catalog leverages existing metadata to create policies and dynamically enforces them. This provides always-on governance and access control and avoids time-consuming manual data provisioning. Immuta is always working in the background to ensure local and global data policies are applied dynamically to Starburst queries.

25% – 90% Increase in permitted use cases for cloud analytics by safely unlocking sensitive data.

Reduce to seconds what can be a months-long
process to provide self-service
data access.

role reduction
Using dynamic access control
that scales with user adoption.

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