Case Study

How One of the World’s Top Streaming Services Scaled Data Access Control Across Platforms

One of the largest streaming services, with millions of subscribers worldwide, uses customer analytics to generate individualized recommendations that personalize and enhance the customer experience. But in a category with several major players — not to mention billions of hours of content — providing a top-notch customer experience that attracts viewers, retains them long-term, and elicits maximum engagement, is essential to staying competitive.

Find out how this company surpassed utilized Immuta to:

  • Implement dynamic attribute-based access control across Databricks, Snowflake, and Azure AD
  • Apply advanced privacy-enhancing technologies to protect user data without sacrificing utility
  • Reduce complexity, bottlenecks, risk, and compute costs by eliminating the need for copying and moving data
  • Surpass its subscription goals years ahead of schedule, while accelerating speed to data and data engineering productivity