White Paper

GDPR is Just the Beginning: How to Stay Ahead of the Regulatory Curve with Your Data Governance and Ethics Program

In 2020, jurisdictions that constitute 50% of the world’s GDP are considering or enforcing stricter data regulations. California, China, Brazil, and the European Union (“EU”), for instance, are forcing you to safeguard and give your customers more control over their data. Ignore these regulations at your peril.

To place you one step ahead of the curve, we outline five workflows common to all data governance programs in this white paper. We illustrate how new trending principles may complicate existing workflows — and how tools can help you overcome these emerging complications. More broadly, these trending principles provide a framework for interpreting and prioritizing existing and new data regulations, helping you protect your customers’ data.

A principles-based approach like this does not stop with a checklist on what the law currently says; it looks at where the law and the business are headed. By doing so, such principles help you stay ahead of the curve and avoid data compliance strategies that react to new compliance challenges in a piecemeal or ad hoc basis.