Working at Immuta

Working at Immuta

At Immuta, we’re building the market-leading data security control platform. As we work on solving data security at scale, we’re tackling really hard problems and coming up with new and innovative solutions that get deployed into production at the heart of major corporations.

Our product empowers data platform teams to get more data into the hands of their data analysts and analytical engineers faster, while meeting all their data subjects’ legal and privacy obligations. We love our mission and take it seriously.

Here are a few recent customer use case examples:

We enabled double-blind studies for children with autism


We allowed for faster, safer access to COVID testing info


We helped a country to better train their Olympic athletes


We helped prevent fraud with secure anti-money laundering machine learning models

We have some secret sauce in all this, such as the power of attribute-based access control , advanced privacy enhancing technologies, and sensitive data discovery, to name a few. We’re constantly innovating to drive the market and respond to customer needs.

To help solve these fun and complex challenges as a team, we’ve built an engineering culture that values flexibility and creativity. This is in addition to our other core values that focus on serving our customers, helping each other, having an appetite to continue learning, and always staying humble.

Featured employees


I have only been at Immuta for a short time, but the onboarding and work so far has blown me away. The culture and team really makes you feel at home!


The best part of working in software engineering at Immuta is that every day presents a new challenge. When I come to work I get to learn new things, and build amazing software all the while.

Brian Gottfried

At Immuta, I get to work on innovative products that solve the struggles that kept me up at night when I worked in healthtech. Immuta’s relentless focus on “doing right with data” resonates with me and makes me proud to work here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch?

Please respond directly to one of the open positions below. If you don’t see something  that’s a perfect fit, please email us at [email protected].

Where is Immuta located?

We have offices in College Park, Maryland (go Terps!); Boston, Massachusetts; Columbus, Ohio (go Bucks!); and London, England.

Are you ok with remote employment?

Yes. But we do value face-to-face time and will request some travel to do so.

Details about healthcare and benefits?

We offer many amazing benefits including, but not limited to: 100% employer-paid healthcare (medical, dental, vision) premiums and deductibles for you and your dependents, 100% employer paid mental wellness platform for coaching and therapy, unlimited paid time off (and yes, we use it!), health and wellness perks, including a Whoop band and paid subscription, stock options in the company, paid parental leave, and comprehensive learning and development resources. We also order lunch twice a week at our offices and have a lunch stipend for remote employees.

How much funding have you raised?

We just completed our Series E round of funding. This means we have plenty of runway and you have lots of opportunity to help us grow in this critical junction of our Engineering team’s journey. You can read more about the funding here.

How does the product actually work?

There are a lot of components in the Immuta platform, but at its core we allow data platform teams to discover where sensitive data lives, and then allow them to write scalable access control policies through our abstraction layer which pushes policy down into the native database (such as Snowflake and Databricks). This includes complex anonymization techniques as well as approaches like clean rooms. Finally, we monitor all activity and expose that to build reports related to compliance. At the end of the day, data platform teams love us for the same reason they love the cloud – we remove, simplify, and automate burdensome tasks so they can focus on true value drivers.

When you say data privacy and access control, what exactly do you mean?

Immuta is used by data platform teams to empower their internal analyst teams and analytical engineers to get access to as much data as possible, quickly and legally. Gone are the days of all employees having access to all sensitive data a company might collect.

If a company is using Immuta, that means they are “doing right” with their data subjects’ personal information. Specifically, this means hiding tables or rows of data that may be sensitive or inappropriate for some users to access. It might also mean masking data in a column in a way that allows some utility from it, while at the same time preserving the data subject’s privacy.

What is the tech stack?

First off, we want to be clear that we hire for aptitude and not a specific tech skill. If you are a great engineer and a cultural fit, you will make a great Immutan. That being said, we understand that some people prefer to stay on a tech stack where they believe they perform best. Here’s our tech stack, which is always open to changes to the best tool for the job:

  • Angular
  • NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Java/Scala
  • Go
  • Python, Flask
  • ElasticSearch
  • Kubernetes/Docker/Helm
What is the interview process like?

You will typically have an initial screening call and then meet with three to four members of the engineering team for a two-way conversation, leaving you time to ask questions. You will also have follow-up time with our HR team to discuss salary requirements. For some positions, you will also have a homework assignment. Of course, we are always flexible and happy to include others in the conversation to make you feel comfortable. Our CEO and CTO jump on calls with candidates whenever asked. Hiring the best people is our #1 priority.

What is work/life balance like at Immuta?

We value work/life balance and are believers that time off makes everyone more productive in the long run (see benefits answer above). Most employees work a normal 8 hour schedule Monday through Friday with flexible start/end times (this may differ for our Engineering support team). Since our product has matured and the teams have grown, we’ve put more emphasis on work/life balance and it has improved from okay to great.