Data Sharing Is a Necessity to Accelerate Digital Business

According to Gartner’s report, “By 2024, most organizations will attempt trust-based data sharing programs, but only 15% will succeed and outperform their peers on most business metrics.”

Data and leadership teams that lack the tools, resources, and processes to execute data sharing securely and efficiently, including data access control frameworks and dynamic data masking capabilities, are virtually guaranteed to fall behind.

Gartner’s research has uncovered that:

  • Data sharing has become essential to driving digital business operations and outcomes in industries such as government, healthcare, education, retail, and supply chain
  • Nearly 70% of CDOs acknowledge their organizations are not effective at sharing data
  • Organizations can adopt a 5-step data sharing model to adjust and improve their approach to data sharing
  • Fostering an organizational culture that supports efficient, secure data sharing to drive business results is a best practice across any industry

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