Swedbank Unlocks Data Analytics for Financial Services with Immuta

Data analytics in financial services is key to delivering tailored insights, forecasting market conditions, making investment decisions, and more. While the technologies, tactics, and teams vary from firm to firm, it’s safe to say that data use is ubiquitous in financial services.

However, financial data is among the most sensitive information that organizations can possess – and the consequences for mishandling it are substantial. For Swedbank, the largest banking group in Sweden with more than 8 million customers, building an enterprise analytics platform was contingent on a resilient, scalable, and secure modern data infrastructure.

In this case study, you’ll learn how how Swedbank leveraged Immuta to unlock data analytics for financial services, and in doing so:

  • Saved 3x more time setting up data security and self-service policy authoring
  • Doubled its data use cases, unlocking more value from more data
  • Improved process efficiency by 5x
  • Achieved 100% compliance with key industry compliance laws and regulations
  • Advanced data analytics to develop security-focused intelligence and add value for its customers