How a Global Bank Secures Electronic Trading Analytics

Electronic trading analytics are crucial to financial services firms’ success, by providing real-time insights into market trends, trading patterns, risk exposure, and decision making. Electronic trading helps optimize business strategies and enhance performance, but its systems could also be easily misused. Therefore, it’s essential to have robust data security in place to ensure electronic trading data is only accessible by those who are authorized, and for the right reasons.

This was the challenge facing a top bank, which needed to protect its electronic trading analytics workflows without delaying speed to insights. How did they do it?

In this case study, you’ll find out how this global bank used Immuta to:

  • Segment sensitive data access, reducing costs while increasing data science productivity by 100%
  • Reduce the time it takes to audit data use from weeks to just hours
  • Improve compliance with regulations and internal data sharing rules
  • Migrate to the cloud while supporting a hybrid environment during the transition