How a Top Bank Saved $50M by Automating Data Access Controls

In the world of financial services, two factors are non-negotiable: efficiency and security. As one of the most highly regulated industries, financial services must adhere to data compliance regulations without delaying speed to data.

For one of the world’s largest banks, data security and utility were at odds, resulting in analysts spending 35% of their time waiting for data access. Not only did this hinder the bank’s ability to generate insights, but it also introduced the risk of analysts finding risky workarounds to access sensitive financial data.

Learn how this top bank used Immuta to:

  • Streamline data use across all global lines of business by implementing access control on AWS
  • Saved more than $50M in resources as a result of automating 95% of data access control requests
  • Scaled self-service data access to more than 5,000 users in just six months