Managing Modern Data Infrastructure: A Conversation with Immuta & Intel

As organizations migrate to the cloud, the way we think about data and how it’s used is completely changing. The necessary performance, scale, rules, and number of users who want to combine data have increased exponentially. Not to mention, increasingly decentralized data architectures are making visibility into how data is being used and by whom more important than ever.

Managing modern data infrastructure requires different functionality and even organizational structures than in years past. Doing so at scale is not trivial – and that’s where Immuta comes in.

In this Q&A, Matt Carroll, CEO of Immuta, and Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solution Architect at Intel, discuss the challenges with modern data infrastructures, and why separating data access policies from underlying platforms is necessary to achieve cloud scale without tedious and error-prone manual processes. Watch part 1 of their conversation here: