The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Data Access Control in Databricks

J.B. Hunt saved $2.7M in infrastructure costs and productivity gains. WorldQuant Predictive enabled secure data sharing with hundreds of external researchers. What can you accomplish with Databricks and Immuta?

Together, Databricks and Immuta allow data teams to securely leverage all their data – even the most sensitive – for real-time data analytics and AI. In this content bundle, you’ll find out how exactly our native integration works and what it can mean for your business.

This bundle includes:

  • A Guide to Automated Data Access with Immuta & Databricks – An eBook that provides a look inside how Immuta’s native integration with Databricks works.
  • J.B. Hunt Takes Transportation to New Frontiers with Data – A case study that shows how a major corporation saved millions and drove results by implementing Databricks and Immuta.
  • How to Migrate from Apache Ranger on Databricks – A blog that gives step-by-step guidance on solving a top customer use case.