Automated Snowflake Access Control on Partner Connect

Since launching our native integration with Snowflake, data engineering and operations teams have been leveraging Immuta to easily store, analyze, and share data — even the most sensitive data — while maintaining privacy and security. In fact, some organizations have been able to save $1 million in data engineering costs using Immuta with Snowflake.

But the decision to introduce a new cloud data platform is not trivial, and it’s critical to ensure you are adopting the best tools for your data environment and business needs. Snowflake Partner Connect allows Snowflake users to create trial accounts with selected Snowflake business partners and integrate these accounts with Snowflake so they are better able to make these important decisions.

We are excited to announce that Immuta, the universal cloud data access control platform, is the first data access control partner to be included on Snowflake Partner Connect. Admins can now access Partner Connect directly from the Snowflake interface and start an Immuta trial with a single click. This integration will allow Snowflake customers to spin up an Immuta free trial instance that has been pre-configured with credentials to simplify the native/non-proxy integration configuration.

At Immuta, we want to make achieving universal cloud data access control as quick and easy as possible. The Immuta platform and inclusion on Partner Connect allows Snowflake users to automate data access control for Snowflake and beyond in just a few clicks.

What’s New with Immuta for Snowflake Partner Connect

At Immuta, we want to make achieving universal cloud data access control as quick and easy as possible. Within a few clicks admin users can automate access control for Snowflake and beyond. It’s easy to get started, within the Snowflake UI, navigate to the Partner Connect tab and scroll to the Immuta tile. Clicking it will automatically create a free trial account for Immuta with pre-configured Snowflake credentials.

Getting Started

After the tile is clicked, a screen will prompt you for a trial account.

That instance will be seeded with configuration information from Snowflake that includes credentials for a PC_IMMUTA_DB database and PC_IMMUTA_USER user account. These seeded credentials will be used when enabling the native integration so that the user does not have to be prompted for any information. If you choose in the Immuta UI to expose any of your existing Snowflake databases to Immuta, Immuta will automatically create data sources from the views and tables in those databases (assuming they choose that option in the Immuta UI).

You will be prompted to create an account with Immuta using the first and last names and email address.

Next, you will reach a provisioning screen.

After provisioning, when an instance has been launched via Partner Connect, Immuta admins will be greeted with a modal when they first log in (and on any subsequent logins until they configure the integration):

By following the instructions in the modal and running the additional GRANT required by Immuta, you enable the native integration with Snowflake in just a single click.

Once the integration has been enabled, you can choose to easily import data sources from Snowflake:

After clicking “Finish,” your trial has officially begun.

Now, you can start testing fine-grained access controls and privacy enhancing technologies natively in Snowflake. To maximize the value of your trial, read our FAQs on trials here, or watch our video tutorials here. If you have set up your Immuta trial on Snowflake Partner Connect and have questions or require help at any point during the setup or trial, email

And, if you’d like to see how Immuta and Snowflake work together with one of our team of experts, request a demo.

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