How Immuta Simplifies Compliance with Quebec’s Law 25

Quebec’s Law 25 is the latest in a series of major data localization laws seeking to protect citizens’ privacy and secure national interests. Organizations based in Quebec or that handle data belonging to the province’s citizens are subject to $10 million for failing to administer regulations – and that rises to $25 million for committing an offense.

To avoid these outcomes and preserve customers’ trust, organizations under Quebec Law 25’s jurisdiction must know the details of the legislation and put the right controls in place to comply. This brief provides a blueprint for Quebec’s Law 25 – you’ll learn:

  • The top 4 data security challenges that hinder successful data access and compliance initiatives
  • The specific stipulations of the law, including incident reporting, data transfers, and de-identification
  • How the Immuta Data Security Platform simplifies compliance with Quebec Law 25’s standards without additional overhead