How to Protect Sensitive Data: A Panel with EY, Immuta, Databricks, & Alation

Sensitive data usage is ubiquitous in today’s world – from electronic health records to online banking, we often share our personal information in exchange for tailored services and quality insights that improve our daily lives. But how do we know that our data is safe?

Too often, threats to data are only detected and addressed after it’s too late – at which point, an organization’s reputation and bottom line could be at risk. The best mitigation tactic is to protect sensitive data proactively, by implementing an end-to-end data security strategy that prioritizes automated, scalable sensitive data discovery, data access control, and data monitoring.

In this fireside chat, Anthony Farr (APJ Regional Director, Immuta), Doug Goethel (Senior Sales Engineer, Alation), Brett Squires (Partner, EY Data and Analytics), Alysson Souza (Specialist Solutions Architect, Databricks) and Matthew Carroll (CEO, Immuta) discuss the benefits of a proactive approach to protecting sensitive data, and the best practices for ensuring your most valuable assets remain secure.

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