Identity Management, Authorization and Access Control for Analytics

With great data power comes great data responsibility. Controlling who can access what data can be a huge challenge for data teams, especially as they move to cloud platforms. Immuta and Okta have partnered to solve this problem.

Simplified Identity Management and Authorization

Immuta’s data access 
governance powered by Okta’s identity and authorization.


Fine-grained Data Access Control 
and Security

Go beyond role-based access with fine-grained 
data access and control.


Rich, Query-level
Auditing and Reporting

Know who accessed what data, when and, for what purpose.



Simplified Identity Management and Authorization for Analytics Data

Immuta has integrated its Automated Data Governance platform with Okta’s Identity Cloud and System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), an open standard that enables automated user provisioning to multiple cloud services. Immuta integrates with Identity Cloud and SCIM to extend identity management and authorization to data and analytics platforms, including Immuta’s expanding network of leading cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Databricks, and Presto.

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Fine-grained Data Access Control and Security

Legacy, role-based access control approaches are not sufficient or scalable within cloud or hybrid analytics environments, requiring DataOps teams to copy data and maintain complex libraries of user roles to ensure strong security and compliance. Immuta plus Okta solves this problem by extending role-based access with dynamic, fine-grained data security policies. Joint customers can build intelligent data policies that dynamically adapt data views – at the row-, column-, or cell-level – based not just on role, but on the data itself or the purpose of analysis or modeling.

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Rich, Query-level 
Auditing and Reporting

Immuta’s rich audit logs and reporting – combined with Okta’s identity and authorization – gives organizations total transparency into who accesses what data, when, and for what purposes. DataOps teams can easily create analytics and data science reporting to share with compliance teams and prove adherence with internal data usage rules, privacy regulations, third-party contractual requirements, and more.

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“Our platform brings together massive amounts of sensitive data to help analysts track the spread of COVID-19 and help shape public policy and the health response. Due to the incredibly sensitive nature of our data, we needed a robust identity management solution that extends authorization not just to the database level, but to the row, column and cell-level. The combination of Okta and Immuta allows us to confidently authenticate a diverse set of users and authorize different levels of analyses, while preserving privacy and ensuring compliance with regulations and contractual data rights.”

– Ryan Naughton, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director 
with the Center for New Data


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