Immuta + Collibra

Enhance Your Data Security Platform with Data Intelligence

Organizations are leveraging the Immuta Data Security Platform and Collibra to discover sensitive data, secure it and provide access control, and detect risky data usage. The joint solution accelerates safe, self-service access to the right data and right data consumers without burdening IT.

Accelerate secure data access

Collibra and Immuta Data Access Control

Find out how Immuta integrates with Collibra to enable metadata-informed access control policies that streamline secure user data access.


Immuta and Collibra Integration

Immuta and Collibra enable organizations with proactive data access control and simplifies the responsibilities of data engineering and DataOps teams. Immuta and Collibra make data access seamless and secure for all users.

Data Access Control

Ensure every data consumer has the right level of access to the right data, without making copies, maintaining complex roles, or hiring additional admins.

Dynamic Data Masking

Remove the guesswork from data privacy protection techniques. Now you can manage access control while ensuring continual compliance with federal, industry, employment, and contractual regulations -- without copying, moving, or manually anonymizing your data.

  • Data has the power to change things for good
  • Extend Collibra metadata and data governance capabilities
  • Empowering data scientists with more controls

At Collibra we believe governed, accessible, and trusted data has the power to change things for good. Partnering with Immuta allows clients to extend their Collibra metadata and data governance capabilities by empowering data scientists with more control over their data access.

Stijn Christiaens Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Collibra

Simplify and Automate Data Access Control