Data Leaders’ Top Security Trends for 2023

  • Seth Youssef Security Field CTO, Snowflake
  • Steve Touw Co-Founder & CTO, Immuta
  • Mike Scott CISO, Immuta
  • Michael Krause CTO, EY Comply

In Immuta’s 2023 Data Access & Security Trendbook, we shared predictions on the most important data trends ranging from the structure of data teams to regulations and decentralization. These predictions forecast a future that will further complicate the web of data use. But with the right personnel, tools, platforms, and practices, these challenges can be surmounted in the pursuit of optimized and streamlined data utility.

In this on-demand roundtable, our panelists Seth Youssef, Snowflake Security Field CTO, Michael Krause, EY Comply CTO, Mike Scott, Immuta CISO and Steve Touw, Immuta CTO discuss:

  • How data leaders–from the CISO to the CTO–are adapting and taking on new responsibilities
  • Why streamlined platforms and enhanced visibility are integral to achieving continued data success
  • How shifting practices in data access and security set the stage for enhanced analytics