De-risk your data.

The Data Security Platform that Secures Detects Discovers Data Access Your Data Usage Your Sensitive Data

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Secures Data Access

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One platform to govern and control data for your AI-based applications.

Next-level enterprise AI requires granular-level control of data. With a single control plane across all your cloud platforms, continuous monitoring of all queries, and unified auditing for compliance, you get a faster and more efficient way to secure your sensitive data.

Trust that only the right people can access your data.
Empower both data and security teams to manage data policies.
Take control of AI security at the data layer.

One platform to govern and
all your cloud data.

To make the most of your data, you need to provide fast and secure access to it. But, with the rise in data sources and platforms; users and use cases; and policies and regulations, it is hard to balance secure access while maintaining compliance – all at enterprise scale. With the Immuta Data Security Platform, you can de-risk your data by connecting it across cloud platforms, controlling who has access, and continuously monitoring and complying with the standards you need to share and use it freely and fully. It’s smart data security, built for the AI era.


Scan, classify, and tag sensitive data for security purposes


Write and enforce data access control and privacy policies


Continuously monitor data usage and analyze risk for compliance

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Sensitive Data Discovery

Scan, classify, and tag your data using our patented capability to profile your data for security enforcement purposes.

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"With Immuta, we can discover sensitive data then tag all the sensitive attributes. Based on that, whatever policies we define for action on the data happen in an automatic manner."

Senior Director, Data Engineering for Nucleus Platform

Security & Access Control

Empower data owners and governors to author data policies and have them enforced with class-leading Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC).

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Data access used to be highly manual and time-consuming before Immuta. Now, we can quickly deliver secure, data-driven insights with universally defined policies and controls.

VP, Technology for Data & Analytics

Data Use Tracking & Remediation

Track user queries and policy history, identify anomalies, prove compliance, investigate incidents, and simplify remediation.

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“Immuta’s value is realized in our data & analytics group, but also the compliance, risk, fraud, and data security groups, because it enables internal users to securely develop strategic insights.”

Executive Director, Data + Analytics

Seamless Integrations

Trusted by Global Leaders

“Databricks and Immuta open up many opportunities for self-service data analytics, data science, and enterprise reporting.”

Ajay Sahu
Ajay Sahu Director of Enterprise Data Management

“This strategic decision is enabling us to drive business innovation, improve data-driven decision making, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience, while mitigating risk and adhering to compliance and regulatory standards.”

Vineeth Menon Head of Data Lake Engineering

"Because we don't have to worry about the problems Immuta is solving, we move a lot faster in trying to solve the problems that are inherent to large mountains of data sitting in one place."

Carter Cousineau Vice President, Data & Model (AI/ML) Governance & Ethics

“What if all those organizations could just create those rules, save it and be able to know in an auditable way that those rules are being followed. That’s what Immuta does for us.”

Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson Advanced Analytics

“Immuta works the way we envisioned it too - transparent, quick, and real-time. That's what matters to us.”

Charlie Qin
Charlie Qin Data Science Platform Owner

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