Case Study

How The Center for New Data Revolutionized Research on Sensitive Data with Immuta

When COVID-19 was officially classified as a pandemic, response efforts were already playing catch-up. The Center for New Data was quickly established as a nonprofit focused on accelerating research on new and novel data to solve the public’s most pressing problems – in this case, understanding and slowing COVID-19 transmission.

To provide analytics-ready data to researchers and data scientists, the Center for New Data needed a scalable solution for making highly sensitive data available in a secure manner – and, due to the rapid virus spread, time was of the essence. But, with many external researchers requiring access to different data sets for varying purposes, the process quickly became complicated and cumbersome.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges the Center for New Data faced in making sensitive data secure for real-time analytics.
  • How the Center for New Data leveraged Immuta’s attribute-based access controls and privacy-enhancing technologies.
  • How Immuta’s native integration with Snowflake enabled seamless policy enforcement.
  • The quantitative results the Center for New Data has experienced since incorporating Immuta into its data ecosystem.

Download the report here.