The Guide to Enforcing Access Control Policies with Your Data Catalog’s Metadata

You’ve invested in a data catalog to reap the benefits of self-service data discovery and usage that drive analytics and data science – now what? How do you ensure that as your data consumers grow, the right data is available to the right people without risking misuse or non-compliance?

The bottom line is that data catalogs and data access control should go hand-in-hand. Without a dynamic access control solution that can scale to keep up with demand, many data teams are forced to choose between overly broad or overly restrictive access control policies – both of which can spell disaster for data initiatives.

In this guide, you’ll find out:

  • Why data catalogs are a tipping point for data access control
  • How to leverage metadata to dynamically apply access control policies
  • Four easy steps to implement data access control across your data catalog